USA Live: Biden Declares Accountability: Decision on Response to Attack in Jordan

January 30, USA live News Exclusive. On Tuesday President Joe Biden announced that he holds Iran accountable for the recent attack at a military base in Jordan, which resulted in the deaths of three U.S. troops and injuries to 25 others. Speaking to reporters on the White House South Lawn before heading to a fundraiser in Palm Beach, Florida, Biden confirmed that he has decided how to respond to the attack. When asked about Iran’s responsibility, he stated that Iran was supplying weapons to the groups behind the attack.

This statement from Biden follows his earlier vow to take swift action in response to the attack. He pledged to hold all those responsible accountable in a manner and time of their choosing. However, the president did not provide specific details about the nature of the response.

USA Live What John Kirby says!

The National Security Council spokesman, John Kirby, mentioned that they are still in the process of analyzing the attack and determining the exact militant group responsible. While he did not confirm a specific group, Kirby pointed out that the work carried the hallmarks of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and Hezbollah.

USA Live: The loss of the three American troops represents the first time since October 7, when Hamas-led militants attacked Israel, that U.S. troops in the Middle East have been killed by enemy fire. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin also expressed his commitment to retaliating against the perpetrators.

In response to the attack, some Republican senators, including Lindsey Graham, Tim Scott, and Tom Cotton, blamed President Biden for the tragedy. They joined Senator John Cornyn in calling for a military strike on Iran. Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump, a leading contender for the GOP presidential nomination, placed blame on Biden for the attack.

As tensions rise and discussions surrounding a potential U.S. response to the attack continue, the international community will closely monitor developments and the Biden administration’s course of action. The implications of these events extend beyond the immediate incident, as they could have broader consequences for relations in the region and future foreign policy decisions.

It remains to be seen what actions the U.S. will take in response to the attack and how the situation will unfold. The Biden administration, under increasing pressure to address national security concerns, will need to carefully consider its response to this brazen assault on American troops.

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